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To Rent or To Sell……That is the Question
Here are a few questions every owner should ask themselves when deciding whether to rent the property or sell it.
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How to Get a Rental Property Regardless of Credit
As a property manager I would say that there are times that I want to pull my hair out (what little I have) with the…
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Our clients are here to tell you about their experience with Scott Property Management.
James Wilson Baltimore

Our rental property was vacant, so we hired Scott Property Management. They were very professional and detailed in finding the best person to rent the apartment. They met the prospective tenant to show the apartment. After the background check was good. Scott Property Management met the tenant to sign the…

Aninda M Harford County

Dawn is very easy to work with! She takes all the hassle out of being a landlord. I’m really only contacted when absolutely necessary. Her rates are extremely reasonable too.

Taneha Lightfoot-Little Baltimore Tenant

I met with Ms. Dawn to help find a place for my uncle and his wife. Scott Property Management handle them with care and helped them find an affordable apartment with in the required time frame. The staff was friendly and very attentive to their needs. I have plans on…

Brian Young Baltimore County Tenant

They manage 12 rental properties for us. They are dependable and get us the results we need.

Shannon Slevin Harford County

We recently relocated from NY and were lucky in our search to find such a great property. Dawn and her staff made is super easy in all aspects and worked with us to get us our rental in the time frame that we needed it. They have been very knowledge…


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