SPM Solutions Agent Referral Program

SPM Solutions strives to create and maintain good relationships with real estate agents and brokers.

We truly value the importance of a mutually beneficial relationship, which is why we offer a referral bonus for property management client referrals. SPM Solutions is a full-time, full-service property management company managing single-family homes, townhomes, condos, commercial units and multi-family units.

For Firms and Brokers – Managing your rental inventory

Many times, brokers will try to manage their own rentals because they feel it will get them a repeat listing and sales from their clients. But the reality is, it is difficult to provide a full-service management service and abide by all the government regulations without a full-time property management team. Scott Property Management will take over your inventory of rentals, pay you a referral fee, refer you clients back to you when time to sell or purchase another investment and provide your clients and customers great management service. It truly is a win, win for everyone.

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Client Referrals

It happens; owners that want to sell, can’t, so they decide that renting their property is a better alternative. Or as an agent you have recently sold real estate to someone who now needs property management services.  As an agent or broker, you may not be in the property management or rental business, so we are here to offer excellent service to your property owners. We pay up to a 25% referral commission* for any property management opportunities you send our way that result in a minimum 12-month lease, payable when the lease has been signed by all parties.

If the referred property is already rented, the referral fee will be paid when the management agreement has been signed by the homeowner. Let us do all the work while you get paid through your brokerage firm upon a signed property management contract. We GUARANTEE to return the referred client back to the referring Realtor when that referred client inquires about selling.

*Details provided upon request. SPM Solutions offers Realtors up to a 25% client referral fee, for leads resulting in a minimum 12-month lease.

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