Business Expansion

Scott Property Management is expanding its business to include property care solutions. Property solutions include property turnover, trash hauling, housekeeping, and handyman repairs for commercial and residential properties. Scott Property Management Solutions does not just provide proven excellent property management, but we also offer property owners an opportunity to maintain their properties, making us a one stop shop for all serves related to real estate care.

Experience Tells Us

For the most part, 90% of our tenants take good care of their rental homes. Through our skilled management screening we can almost guarantee this, but there are times when the tenant loses its way in taking proper care of a home and with such, tenants are removed, and turnover is required. SPM ensures that not only do you have a great tenant but that the property is quickly turned over and ready for rent. This avoids calling multiple contractors to get one job done.

What We do

Because we are a property management company, we have a huge resource of housekeepers and handyman at our beck and call. They physically work for us. When needed we call on sub-contractors to ensure you get the services you need for your property. We will repair, paint, clean, shampoo, squeegee, dust, sweep, mop, and scrub until your property has met your standard of expectations.

The Benefit

Scott Property Management Solutions is a turnover service unlike any other.

  • Tax deductible service
  • Liability insurance
  • Workmen’s compensation coverage
  • No need to call several contractors
  • Demonstrated pride in your property
  • Allows you to budget your expenses at one time
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


To get started contact Scott Property Management Solutions at 1800-992-9202 or email at

A meeting will be scheduled to view the property, answer questions and a proposal will be provided within 48 hours to ensure a prompt turnover and quick rental listing.

Estimated Cost Breakdown (charges are estimates)


Cleaning is charged by the hour but clearly depends on the amount that needs to be cleaned. Estimated cost $40 per hour.


Cleaning is charged by the hour but clearly depends on the amount that needs to be cleaned. Estimated cost $40 per hour.

Property Square Footage Hours
Up to 1200 sq. ft. 6
1200 to 1600 sq. ft. 7
1600 to 2000 sq. ft. 8
2000+ 10+


Carpet Cleaning – Contracted out

Junk Removal

Load/per truck Cost
Full $240
Half $175
Minimum load $125


Paint – Full and Touch-up

Up to 1200 sq. ft. $1200
1200 to 1600 sq. ft. $1500
1600 to 2000 sq. ft. $1800
2000+ quote


Gallons (paint included Cost
1 $250
2 $450
3 $650
Each Additional $200


A la carte

All services are a la cart and can be purchased based upon need.